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Genuine, Authentic, Passionate~


In this website, I have carefully selected quality Tahitian black pearls from sustainable farms in French Polynesia.


You can choose your own Pearls for every handmade gift so that you come away with a truly unique, one-of-a-kind treasure.  

Simply write me a message so we can discuss your preferences and you can share your ideas with me.

I take mostly custom-orders, where you can choose your pearls and settings- and build your very own jewelry pieces.  I do list some hand-made items already finished, so you can order these "off the shelf".


I also offer hole-drilling services, which every creator or designer needs.  If you need jewelry pieces repaired or pearl strands re-knotted, I'm here to help!   

You can follow me on Instagram (click icon at bottom of page) to see more products which don't always make it onto the website.


Thank you so much for your interest. I really look forward to hearing from you ~   Mari 




Tahitian Pearls

Repairs and Services